Justice for vampjunk now!!

this nigga hellokittyrazorblade with her egdy alt tiktok ass thought it was a good idea to expose @nyabeat and @Vampjunk cause they are neo nazis and racists!!! uwuuu shut the fuck up.


TIME magazine has not only admitted to there being a cabal of elites that rigged the election in favor of Beijing Biden, but they bragged about it too!! Read the article on the TIME website, or on the Internet Archive.

• 01/26/2021•

Web 3.0 is a fuck. Stop renting in some shitty social media && akvire your own homestead on the cyber-steppe, this is the new manifest destiny.

You kan't b& me on my own neocities, Dorsey! DROP DEAD

• 01/15/2021•

I'll never forget his song about the foreskin. Every doctor that has performed a circumcision must hang.

update: he's still alive

• 09/21/2020•

On the 21st night of September, 2020, the site of @kannibalblitz was birthed from the Cyber Steppe.

• 09/20/2020•

Rest in peace, Longcat. I will miss you ∠(´д`).